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USB Type-C superMHL product carries 60fps, 4K Video & USB 3.1 data

Lattice Semiconductor claims the first superMHL products to deliver 4K 60fps RGB/4:4:4 video with concurrent USB 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2 data over the new USB Type-C connector; presented as a transmitter and receiver pair, it can deliver and receive 4K 60fps over a single lane, enabling a “PC experience” with USB Type-C devices.

Power Management

20/30A PMBus converters lower EMI, support adaptive voltage scaling

20-A and 30-A synchronous DC/DC buck converters offer frequency synchronisation for low-noise and reduced EMI/EMC; and a PMBus interface for adaptive voltage scaling (AVS).

Power Management

Synchronous rectifier controller maximises efficiency across load profiles

NXP Semiconductor has posted details of the TEA1995T, which it terms the first product of a new generation of Synchronous Rectifier (SR) controller ICs for switched mode power supplies, with adaptive gate drive for maximum efficiency at any load.