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T&M and sensors

Pis in Space... Raspberry Pi Sense HAT sensor board, in distribution

Distributor element14 has the latest addition to the expanding ecosystem of Raspberry Pi accessories; the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT, as featured in the ‘Astro Pi’ space mission. The Sense HAT will enable enthusiasts to control the same hardware used in space.

Power Management

40/60V FETs for cordless appliances add logic-level drive by MCU

Infineon, from its International Rectifier acquisition, has extended the feature set of the IR StrongIRFET Power MOSFETs series to enable electrical appliances – typically cordless types – to be more compact and durable.

Power Management

600V power FETs that get “close to perfection”, says ST

With the assertion of switching performance that is approaching “perfect”, STMicroelectronics has extended its MDmesh M2 series of N-channel power MOSFETs with a family of devices that offer the highest power efficiencies in power supplies, especially under light-load conditions.