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25 Gbit/sec optical on-board-transceiver carries up to 300 Gbit/sec data

FCI’s Leap On-Board-Transceiver (OBT) system is a one inch square, (2.5 x 2.5 cm) board mounted optical module that features 12-transmit and 12-receive channels, each working at 25 Gb/sec over distances up to 100m with a total of 300 Gb/sec throughput.


Bluetooth/WLAN automotive networking all in one module, from ALPS

ALPS has developed the “UGZZF Series” Bluetooth/Wireless LAN All In One Module for Automotive Use, for wireless connection between automotive equipment, such as car navigation systems, and mobile devices.

T&M and sensors

PC-based scopes use USB 3.0, add 512 Msample memory depth option

PicoScope 3000D Series oscilloscopes have up to 200 MHz bandwidth, two or four analogue channels plus 16 digital channels on the mixed-signal (MSO) models, and deep memories from 64 to 512 mega-samples.