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40 Gbps connector system comes with pin-map generator tool

Molex’ Impel is a high-speed, high-performance backplane connector system that combines signal integrity and density with a scalable price and performance path for future data-rate enhancements.


Software test tools add support for MISRA C: 2012

With the aims of improve safety, and enhancing use of C in critical systems, Vector Software has announced that the VectorCAST software test solution now supports the MISRA C: 2012 (MISRA C3) standard. The new benchmark offers improvements to earlier versions, and extends support for the MISRA C: 2012 C99 version of the C language (ISO/IEC 9899:1999).

Power Management

Power modules to simplify inverter design

Mitsubishi has expanded its lineup of J1 power modules for electric and hybrid vehicles. The new models feature the same package as other J1 series models, thus simplifying the design of capacity inverters.