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T&M and sensors

Hameg/Rohde & Schwarz entry-level, mixed-signal scope offers “exceptional features”

Fanless operation, 1Mpoints of memory depth and a 1 Gsample/sec realtime sampling rate are the key features of the R&S HMO1002 mixed signal oscilloscope. With a vertical sensitivity of 1 mV/div and integrated 128 kpoint FFT, the instrument has a high specification for the “three-figure price segment”.


The Wellness Measurement Microcontroller – an MCU dedicated to health monitoring

Maxim Integrated has released the data sheet for an ARM-based microcontroller that uses an ultra-low-powered core, combined with the front-end processing appropriate to vital-signs measurements, specifically tailored for the wearable sensor/ “wellness” monitoring device market.

Power Management

On-line presentation on SiC for High Power Density, supports “Little Box Challenge”

Cree Power is to present a webinar, "Achieving High Power Density Using Cree SiC MOSFETs and Diodes". The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, September 24th at 11am EST (17:00 CET/4:00pm BST).