A 4-channel 28GHz power amplifier with 4-Bit digital phase control for 5G RF front ends

March 27, 2015 // By Plextek RF Integration, UK
5G communications promises to offer the user the perception of near infinite capacity. This requires a step change in data rates that will be facilitated by a move to higher transmission frequencies where wider bandwidths are more readily available. New innovative components will be required to meet this demand, such as the 4-channel 28 GHz phase adjustable Power Amplifier (PA) described in this paper. Each channel has an output power capability of +30 dBm (at 1 dB compression) with an IP3 of +38 dBm and incorporates independent, 4-bit phase adjustment with an rms phase error of 2.3 degrees.
Plextek, 5G, PA, 4 channel 28 GHz