Multiprocessing in mobiles platforms: the marketing and the reality

January 21, 2013 // By Marco Cornero, Andreas Anyuru ST-Ericsson

Given the highly competitive nature of the mobile industry, multiprocessing has been adopted as a marketing tool. This highly visible, differentiating feature is used to pass the oversimplified message that more processors mean better platforms and performance. The reality is much more complex, because several interdependent factors are at play in determining the efficiency of multiprocessing platforms (such as the effective impact on software performance, chip frequency, area and power consumption) with the number of processors impacting only partially the overall balance, and with contrasting effects linked to the underlying silicon technologies.

During the last few years the mobile platforms industry has aggressively introduced multiprocessing in response to the ever increasing performance demanded by the market.
NovaThor L8580 ModAp, ST-Ericsson, LTE-enabled integrated smartphone