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Integrating safety and security into connected medical devices

Combining the safety requirements from different medical standards and demonstrating high levels of security is a challenge. However, built-in fault detection, control, and software separation features and advances in architecture and a safety ecosystem for safety-related designs are helping developers overcome some of these key challenges.

T&M and sensors

Adjustable & integrated inter-symbol interference in a BERT

Streamlining high-speed digital receiver characterisation, Keysight Technologies has added an adjustable and integrated intersymbol interference (ISI) capability for the J-BERT M8020A high-performance BERT (bit-error-rate tester).


Renesas MCUs cut power demand in domestic/industrial sensing

This introduction of microcontrollers claims new levels of integration and a reduction of standby power of 30%. Renesas says its RL78/I1D MCUs offer the lowest-available power consumption when operating at 1 MHz and have a complete set of on-chip analogue peripheral functions.