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Vision-software development kit for advanced driver assistance systems

Texas Instruments’ Vision Software Development Kit (SDK) gives developers a framework, comprehensive set of hardware device drivers and a useful set of development tools for more efficient implementations of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on TI's heterogeneous architecture.


Future Electronics’ free-board programme adds Atmel 8- and 32-bit MCU kits

Distributor Future Electronics has added three of the latest development boards for Atmel microcontrollers to its FTM Board Club website, making them available free to qualified members.
One of the new boards supports the ATmega168, an 8-bit AVR microcontroller. The other two are for users of the SAM D21 or SAM R21 families of ARM Cortex™-M0+ microcontrollers.


Size trends in medical sensing; compact technology meets patient needs

Medical device design engineers face unprecedented opportunities and challenges; one of the
most pressing challenges is to create sensor elements which keep pace with the miniaturisation occurring in nearly all medical devices, from simple blood pressure monitors to complex heart-lung machines.