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ARM's big.LITTLE, with TSMC's finFETs, sets efficiency benchmark

TSMC and ARM have announced the results from a FinFET silicon validation of the ARM big.LITTLE implementation, using ARM Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 processors on TSMC's advanced 16nm FinFET process technology.


Microsemi development kit hosts largest SmartFusion2 programmable device

Microsemi's SmartFusion2 parts feature programmable logic on the same die as an ARM processor core and a range of embedded logic functions; the Advanced Development Kit hosts the largest density, 150k logic element, part in the series.


Altera’s MAX 10 FPGAs blend programmable logic and analogue

MAX 10 FPGAs host up to 50k logic elements, plus programmable analogue blocks, and retain their configuration in dual-configuration flash memory. By use of a soft-core Nios processor, the can also host embedded processing.