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IC design

“Bare Metal Security” adds hardware system tripwire to SoCs

UltraSoC, which until now has focussed on advanced debug for systems-on-chip, has exploited the characteristics of its technology to enable a security feature that will operate at hardware level, detect any abnormalities in SoC operation – either internal failure or hacking – and alert supervisory systems.

Power Management

Small-appliance BLDC motor control MCU has built-in pre-driver

Highly efficient motor control for small appliances is enabled by a tiny microcontroller, says Toshiba Electronics Europe, introducing its TX03 series of ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers now including the TMPM37AFSQG.

IC design

Correlator IP for FPGA detects patterns across thousands of data streams

RFEL (Newport, Isle of Wight, UK) has announced a multi-channel, multi-rate correlator deliverable as IP (Intellectual Property). The Correlator AX core offers high sensitivity Unique Pattern (UP) detection from multiple, interleaved data streams with differing sample rates.