Six Areas of Technology Growth Where Circuit Protection is Especially Important

October 21, 2015 // By EDN
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Every day, consumers depend on unseen technology that allows them to safely navigate their day. The daily routines of turning on a light switch, checking email, or driving to the grocery store can easily be taken for granted. But, none of these seemingly minor tasks could be accomplished without the safeguarding that has been designed into the daily lives of consumers.

We’re talking about the importance of circuit protection. As LED lighting, consumer electronics and automotive technologies become more complex, they contain even more sophisticated, expensive electronic components.  These highly sensitive electronic components need to be protected from overcurrent and overvoltage faults caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD) and lightning strikes. Circuit protection devices keep the electronic components safe and secure so that the technology delivers seamless, uninterrupted service to the consumer.

Check out this new  infographic that highlights six areas of technology growth where circuit protection is especially important:

1.    LED lighting

2.    Mobile phones

3.    Smartphones

4.    Tablets/computers

5.    Automotive electronics

6.    Solar energy

What if circuit protection isn’t part of the design?  Components can be easily damaged, causing system failure. At the very least, the consumer may have to repair or purchase a new device. But, there are potentially much larger concerns where proper circuit protection is not included in circuit design. For instance, in the case of safety-critical applications such as automotive electronics, a component failure could lead to serious injury or loss of life.

The infographic also features a link to a  FREE Circuit Protection Technology Application Matrix you can download now.