EE Times Europe is a combined print and online publication developed as part of the EE Times global strategy. Owned by European Business Press SA, EETimes Europe has the broadest editorial team in the industry in Europe. 

Julien Happich the Editor-in-Chief of EETimes Europe, is supported by Jean-Pierre Joosting in charge of RF and microwave related matters while Peter Clarke looks after analog and business related topics on the EETimes Europe Analog and EETimes Europe websites.

Paul Buckley runs both the EETimes Europe Power Management vertical pages and the EETimes Europe LED Lighting and Test & Measurement. Paul also contributes actively to the print edition of EETimes Europe and is your main contact for power-related topics. Christoph Hammerschmidt runs the EETimes Europe Automotive pages and also contributes to EETimes Europe.

EETimes Europe also has a license with EETimes allowing for the exchange and use of any article written by its staff in Europe and in the USA. 

Editorial coverage 

EETimes Europe has a panEuropean readership of over 72,000 across more than 40 European countries and provides a mix of industry news, analysis, technology news, and product news. A full print and online media kit is available here. 
EETimes Europe remains a monthly publication, published in English available in print and digital formats and is complemented by a daily newsletter. 

If you would like to share your expertise on one of the topics described in our feature list, please don't hesitate to contact the relevant editors for further guidelines. For business and market news, or if you are not sure who to contact for a specific product launch or general technology, please send your press info to one or more of the editorial team. 

Contact info 

Julien Happich: Tel. +33 169819476

Jean-Pierre Joosting: Tel. +44-7800 548133

Paul Buckley: Tel. +44 1962 866460

Christoph Hammerschmidt: Tel +49 89 44450209

Peter Clarke: Tel +44 776 786 55 93

André Rousselot, Group Publisher: Tel +32 27400053   Mobile: +32 477269509

European Business Press SA, 

Chaussée de Louvain 533, 1380 Lasne, Belgium.