Feature Articles : Three ways to reduce uncertainty and improve noise figure measurements  (sponsored article)- Keysight Technologies - Reducing test time and costs with new compression technology - Software Engineering - Paying down technical debt - Vector Software - Using communications semiconductors to cook better burgers - Ampleon - Attaining functional safety in MCU-based designs - Texas Instruments - Optimising display image quality and power consumption by varying frame rate - Exar -  Don’t over-constrain in formal property verification (FPV) flows - Synopsys -
Online this month : Toolbox for MATLAB enables faster and more robust WLAN design - Implementing an IoT end-point SoC platform with minimal engineering resources EDN.comment Safe and Secure  Pulse : Raspberry Pi 3 adds connectivity; ARM+FPGA: module hosts Altera Cyclone SoC; EV charger packs 2.6 kW/l, >97% efficiency; Free tools to develop Linux on STM32; Automated filter design package offers intuitive, graphical approach; Free, cloud-based development platform for PIC; Untethered 3D dead-reckoning; Rohde & Schwarz 2 GHz scope offers linked multi-domain views Eye on Standards : It’s Not Jitter, It’s Noise EDA: Synthesis New generation of physical RTL synthesis improves quality-of-results Embedded Systems Connected devices – security starts with software design Product Roundup : 4G LTE M2M modem; Capacitive multi-touch uses metal mesh; Multiphase step-down DC/DC up to 260A; Fast LVDS isolators eliminate de-serialising; SBC with Xilinx’ SDSoC for hardware IP acceleration; Renesas develops Synergy platform for IoT; Full Bluetooth LE node in 8x8x1mm; IoT sensor-to-cloud from ADI; Highefficiency 15-W wireless power  Design Ideas : Active load handles high voltages - Shunt circuit clips large transients or regulates voltage