January 2016 : Feature Articles :  A new measurement science - Digital signal analysis with bandwidth up to 500 MHz – Rohde & Schwarz - Java : the key to software development in the IoT – Anglia Components - Designing power supply parameters in five steps with online tools – Linear Technology -2016 Predictions for mixed-signal IC design – Cadence- How to combine voltage and current regulations – Texas Instruments

Design Ideas : A faster PWM-based DAC - AVR takes under 1 µsec to process quadrature encoder

Analog Tips : ADC undersampling requires wide bandwidth - Analog Devices

EDN Comment : Why Fitbit is being used

Embedded Systems : Beware this integration nightmare

Pulse :  Highest-performing audio op amp; Mouser/NI design software in $300 version; Time-of-flight ranging sensor
for cameras, robotics, IoT; Portable 500 MHz scope has bench-scope performance; No-code state machine in mixed-signal programmables; 3D image sensor chips put VR on smartphones; ZigBee/EnOcean cooperation for energy harvesting; Hybrid supercap completes UL certification

Product Roundup : PMIC for wearables; Accurate optical heart rate monitoring; Accelerometers/gyros for portables; 15W dual mode wireless charging; USB 3.0 & 802.11ad reference design; Wireless user-authentication platform; Evaluation board for GaN power FETs; 60A digital PoL DC/DC; IoT security; Ethernet PHY over UTP

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December 2015 : Feature Articles : V -ARM64 vs ARM32 – What's different for Linux programmers – Undo Software -Push the UVM start button then hit the accelerator – Part 2 – FPGA Consultant -Understanding how a new FPGA architecture delivers throughput performance improvements – Altera -Taking TransferJet beyond the consumer – Icoteq -Energy is everywhere – and now it can be harvested easily – Analog Devices -Don't get caught out by changing energy efficiency regulations – CUI

Design Ideas : Software PLL syncs to line using moving-average filter - Isolated USB-to-UART converter builds in 20 minutes for $20

Analog Tips : Low-power ambient light sensing LED driver, with