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Power Management

Fixed-ratio DC/DC converters pass 2.5 kW/cubic inch power density

Vicor has further increased power density, and added digital communication capability, with products added to its ChiP Bus Converter Module (BCM) product family: these ChiP-based BCMs provide power density of 2750 W/cubic inch, supplying up to 1.75 kW with 98% peak efficiency.


X-ray detector demonstrator on plastic has medical imaging performance

Researchers from Holst Centre (Netherlands) and imec (Belgium) have demonstrated the first X-ray detector produced on a plastic substrate that is capable of medical-grade performance. The proof-of-concept device delivers high-resolution, dynamic images at 25 frames per second (fps) and 200 pixels per inch (ppi) with high contrast using medical-level X-ray doses.


50-Ω 20dB gain block spans 20 MHz to 2 GHz

LTC6431-20 is a 20 MHz to 2 GHz single-ended input and output fixed gain amplifier offering 46.2 dBm OIP3 (Output Third Order Intercept) and 2.6 dB noise figure. Its OP1dB (Output 1 dB Compression Point) is a best-in-class 22 dBm.