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Power Management

EPC adds 7 mΩ/200V, and 5 mΩ/150V GaN power transistors

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) says it has “widened the performance gap” by introducing its latest gallium nitride power transistors; lower on-resistance, lower capacitance, higher current, and superior thermal performance enable high power density converters, the company asserts.

T&M and sensors

Thermal vacuum chamber can test large space equipment

In Toulouse, Intespace’s Simles auxiliary chamber can simulate temperatures ranging from
100K to 440K at a pressure of less than 10-5 mbar.


Avago/Broadcom takeover will create a major force in wired comms

Avago Technologies has announced that it is to acquire Broadcom Corporation, for $37bn. This will represent a slightly-more-than-doubling of the size of Avago, as the estimated vale of the merged enterprise is put at $77bn. Avago says that it is creating “the world's leading diversified communications semiconductor company”.