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Power Management

“True 150W” AC/DC power supply in 2 x 4-in. format

XP Power’s EPL225 series power supplies offer up to 95% efficiency, delivering 150W convection-cooled or 225W with forced-air cooling, across their full temperature and voltage range without derating, from a standard 2 x 4-in. open-frame outline.

Power Management

AC/DC converter controller drives SiC MOSFETs

Enabling the use of silicon carbide MOSFETs to achieve greater energy savings and miniaturisation in industrial applications, Rohm has developed an AC/DC converter control IC designed specifically for SiC MOSFET drive in industrial equipment.

T&M and sensors

Wireless test set adds address device validation & manufacturing test for IoT

Keysight Technologies has added WLAN 802.11ah and 802.11af capabilities for the EXM wireless test set. The EXM now supports more Internet-of-Things (IoT) wireless devices and formats in the design validation and manufacturing stages of product development.

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