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Open source, 1U rack mount internet appliance, based on Raspberry Pi

Californian company EarthLCD recently introduced what its says is the only-available 10-in. wide by 1-in. high TFT LCD panel, which it uses to give single-unit-height rack modules a versatile display; now the company has put together an open-source design for a rack-mount internet appliance based around the Raspberry Pi.


Sub-GHz RF-module for wireless M-BUS and OMS applications

Distributor EBV Elektronik’s EBVchip Maia is the result of a collaboration with Weptech and STMicroelectronics; it is a flexible sub-GHz RF module that streamlines certification of wireless M-BUS and OMS metering systems.


Cambridge Consultants claims first for “all-digital radio transmitter”

Cambridge Consultants reports that it has successfully completed initial trials of the first fully digital radio transmitter, calling it a “turning point” in wireless design and a real enabler for the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and 5G technology.