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C compiler with 26262 support, for Renesas RH850 automotive MCUs

Altium has added a Tasking compiler that expands its range for advanced 32-bit single-core and multi-core microcontroller based automotive applications, where ISO 26262 support is essential; it provides specific support for the RH850 architecture from Renesas Electronics.


J-Scope adds data visualisation to J-Link debugger

Seggers J-Scope is a data visualisation software tool for the J-Link family of debug probes. J-Scope is an application to analyse and visualise data on a microcontroller in real-time, while the target is running.

T&M and sensors

Dual analogue iOS oscilloscope comes with Lightning connector

Making use of Apple's products as host, Oscium has released the iMSO-204L, a dual analogue iOS oscilloscope shipping with native Lightning compatibility; for audio and low-frequncy use, it offers a bandwidth of 5MHz.