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Snapdragon-based low-cost compute board from Arrow

DragonBoard 410c is a single-board compute platform built by distributor Arrow, for professional and ‘maker’ users alike; the $75 development board design based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, an ARM CortexA53-core machine.

T&M and sensors

Time-of-flight 3D imaging evaluation kit, with QVGA resolution

Featuring high frame rates, interchangeable optics, modular hardware architecture and advanced sunlight cancellation, Melexis has added support for its time-of-flight (ToF) sensing technology with the EVK75023 evaluation kit.

Power Management

Integrated switch rated 4.5A and 16 mΩ, with reverse current blocking

Silego’s SLG59M1603V is a dual-channel, high-performance integrated power switch which adds reverse-current blocking to prior features of the range. It prevents power flow from load to source in low-voltage power-rail distribution, power-rail sequencing, or other two-power-rail applications.