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Backplane connector system proves 56 Gb/sec electrical transmission

Using duobinary encoding of the signals, FCI has announced that it has demonstrated successful error-free transmission at a data rate of 56 Gb/sec over a channel including its ExaMAX High Speed Backplane Connector.

Power Management

Monolithic EDLC (“supercapacitor”) cell balancing IC

From Rohm Semiconductor, a cell balancing IC contributes to increased miniaturisation, greater stability, and longer life for EDLCs (electric double layer capacitors), which are driving the adoption of energy regeneration applications in industrial equipment, automotive idling stop systems, and voltage sag (instantaneous voltage drop) countermeasures.

T&M and sensors

AC power analysis and oscilloscope display, in a single instrument

Keysight Technologies has introduced a power analyser with touch-operated oscilloscope waveform display functions; engineers will no longer need two separate instruments to characterise power waveforms. There will be two basic versions, for single-phase and 3-phase power analysis.

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