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18V multi-channel synchronous buck converter with PMBus interface

From Texas Instruments, this highly-integrated DC/DC converter for space-constrained automotive and communication applications features up to 95% efficiency


Fastest 8051 IP core runs at 29x original 80C51 performance

Polish IP company Digital Core Design’s DQ8051 IP, for FPGA or ASIC implementation, is an extremely-fast implementation of the 8051 MCU core that has a Dhrystone 2.1 performance rating of 0.27292 DMIPS/MHz, which therefore enables a 29.01 times speed-up over the original 80C51 chip operating at the same frequency.

Power Management

Automatically-compensated digital PoL controller matches analogue loop performance

Maxim Integrated has posted details of the MAX15301AA02, an efficient digital point-of-load (PoL) controller with advanced power management and telemetry (PMBus) features. It is, maxim satates, the only digital power IC to meet transient and light-load efficiency performance metrics set by analogue controllers.