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DLP chipset for automotive head-up display, with widest field of view

Texas Instruments has introduced a first DLP (Digital Light Processing) chipset for automotive head-up display (HUD) applications. Combining the imaging qualities of DLP technology with automotive reliability, the chipset enables head-up displays with the widest field of view (FOV) available; up to 12 degrees.


EtherCAT slave controller has integrated PHYs for industrial Ethernet

This controller chip provides system designers with an EtherCAT controller with multiple interfaces, offering flexibility in selecting a cost-effective microcontroller

T&M and sensors

High sensitivity scope current probes measure down to 1 mA/div

Teledyne LeCroy’s CP030A and CP031A are high sensitivity current probes providing sensitivity down to 1 mA/div allowing users to measure current from the mA range up to a continuous current of 30 Arms and peak current of 50A, all with the same probe.