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Power Management

Brushed-motor DC gate driver with adjustable current drive

Enabling scalable designs, this integrated, high-current gate driver with on-chip protection reduces board space by 40%.


Multi-channel chipset simultaneously supports ZigBee and Thread networks

GreenPeak Technologies’ GP712 for gateways and set-top boxes makes IoT solutions future-proof, at no additional cost, the company asserts: it positions the offering as the first single radio multi-protocol chipset with multi-channel receive capability for set-top boxes, gateways, and other advanced IoT devices.

Power Management

Digital interface enables accurate telemetry from 13A-100A µModule regulator

Offering detailed system boot time and power analysis the LTM4676A is a dual 13A or single 26A µModule (“micromodule”) step-down DC/DC regulator with PMBus that supports current sharing up to 100A, with a serial digital interface.