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Power Management

60V, synchronous buck-boost controller regulates up to 250W

LT3790 is a synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controller that delivers up to 250W of power with a single IC. Its 4.7V to 60V input voltage range suits it for automotive and industrial applications.


Intel Edison embedded/IoT development platform, now in distribution

RS Components now has the complete Intel Edison development platform, which includes: the ultra-small Intel Edison compute module; the Intel Edison breakout board that helps rapid prototyping; and the Intel Edison board for Arduino.


Distributor Farnell element14 backs 3D print kickstarter project Robox

Farnell element14 is now stocking Robox' 3D printer. Retailing for £849.90 (UK Pounds, or equivalent), the unit features a proprietary dual-head print nozzle design for improved print speeds which is up to three times as fast as competing printers, according to the distributor.