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T&M and sensors

50 GHz hand-held combination analyser, from Keysight

Keysight Technologies has added six millimeter-wave models to its family of FieldFox handheld analysers, including what the company claims is the first handheld combination analyser to provide coverage to 50 GHz.


Compression tool for embedded systems shrinks target files

Seggerís emCompress is, a compression tool for embedded systems to reduce the required storage on the target for boot images, HTML files or other static data. emCompress automatically picks the best algorithm for the memory available. It reduces flash memory sizes, costs and data transmission time.

Power Management

High-integration power device handles 600V square-wave motor drive

The high voltage intelligent power device (IPD) is rated to 600V and 0.7A, in a compact surface-mount package. TPD4152F enables a square-wave speed control of small brushless DC (BLDC) electric motors for units such as air conditioners and fans.