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Design win; Nordic’s Bluetooth chips make for a minimalist beacon design

"In contrast to many beacons on the market today that carry in our view a lot of unnecessary technological overhead, we partnered with Nordic to strip out as much complexity as possible out of our Pucks to maximize battery life and minimize cost and complexity," explains CEO of Canadian startup, Reteneo, President, Jean-Christophe Titus.

Power Management

Configurable PMIC has all the power regulation you need for Li-ion battery-power

ams’ AS3715is a configurable power management IC (PMIC) which enables OEMs to implement power circuits for multiple end products with the same hardware design. The AS3715’s features are suited to action cameras and portable navigation devices.


20-Mpixel CMOS image sensor: high-pixel-count imaging in small formats

This 20-megapixel (MP) 1.12-micron CMOS image sensor (CIS) was created for products such as high-end mobile handsets and smartphones with 1080p resolution. With an optical height of 1/2.4 inch, the T4KA7 sensor enables the development of camera modules with a z-height of 6mm or less.