Cyber Secure Car 2016; Munich, 14/15 June 2016

14 Jun 2016
15 Jun 2016
"Engineering safety, security and privacy in the age of the connected car"; Cyber Secure Car is a major international conference which equips automakers and their suppliers with the knowledge and expert contacts they need to tackle these emerging cyber-threats head-on. Hear from over 20 of the world’s top specialists in automotive cyber security, threat assessment, penetration testing, semiconductor & embedded system design, secure software development, V2X, data privacy challenges and more.



Automotive cyber security is a critical concern for vehicle manufacturers and their customers throughout the world; more than 100m cars will have some form of connectivity by 2025. With interfaces to smartphones, V2X and ever-more powerful navigation, infotainment and ADAS technologies, vehicles are becoming exposed to external software like never before. As a result, the car is now an attractive target to a new generation of hackers, fraudsters, terrorists and other cyber criminals. Lives could be lost and company reputations damaged as a result of a single incident.


The presentations cover a broad range of topics – from an overview of hacker’s motivations and strategies to commonalities of functional safety and security and design approaches for secure automotive electronics. Panel discussions with lively exchange of views alternate with presentations from industry and academic research experts.

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