IBC Hackfest: part of IBC 2016, September 8-13, Amsterdam

08 Sep 2016
13 Sep 2016
IBC – the International Broadcasting Convention, is presented as, “... the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide.”

As part of the overall event, IBC inlcudes a “Hackfest”. Taking place on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September, the IBC Hackfest is a “creative playground” where hackers come together for 36 hours to brainstorm and build an idea in an innovative environment.


The Hackers, comprised of over 100 talented developers, designers and entrepreneurs, aim to apply ideas and software solutions to generate innovative concepts that will leverage partner technology and IoT.


The IBC2016 Hackfest Theme is summarised as follows;


“Think about the future. What do you see? Ignore domestic robots, let’s focus instead on the Future City.


“We’re already seeing the rise of smart cities, from Barcelona to London to Nairobi and beyond. IoT, VR, and AI have made massive strides in the past few years. We know our lives are about to change: what we want to know is what those changes will look like.


“Enter the IBC Hackfest: a chance for developers all over Northern Europe to help define the future. We’re looking for hacks in the following areas


- Education: How does the rise of AR/VR change the classroom? How does new multi-faceted content affect the classroom experience and how we can best incorporate it into our learning techniques?

- Entertainment: What does the future living room look like (got your hoverboard hanging over your TV? Do you even have a TV?). How will you find and share the content you want?

- Sports: What does the future of football viewing look like? What new audience engagement techniques can fans use to get into the game? Will IoT and AI change the way we experience sports forever?


Visitor registration for the complete event is open; Free registration for the Exhibition portion of the event is available until August 19 th 2016; www.ibc.org