Webinar, by Vicor; “Make EMI Issues a Thing of the Past” 6Dec 2016

06 Dec 2016
06 Dec 2016
Power conversion specialist Vicor is running a live Webinar on 6th December 2016, on the topic of EMI problems; “Often occurring late in the design process, EMI issues are the culprit for late stage cost over runs and project delays. Learn how to sidestep the pitfalls of EMI issues and pass the certification the first time through.”

The event will run twice on Tuesday, 6 th December, at 1pm GMT/14:00 CET and and 4pm GMT/17:00CET. (registration links below).


“Simple Ideas to Make EMI Issues a Thing of the Past”

EMI issues can be difficult to solve, and often are only discovered late in the development process, making them expensive and time-consuming. This webinar helps engineers ensure their systems pass EMI certification the first time by following a series of basic steps. These ensure the causes of EMI are addressed effectively and radiated or conducted emissions are minimized.


Register at;

Tuesday, 6 December at 8am Boston, 1pm London, 2pm Berlin, 5:30pm Bangalore
Tuesday, 6 December at 11am Boston, 8am San Francisco, 4pm London


Specific topics in the session include;

- The causes of EMI issues in power systems

- The impact of the switching topology

- Principles of controlling conducted (CE) and radiated emissions (RE)

- A checklist to ensure you address EMI during the design process


This webinar is structured to help power engineers at all levels manage EMI, a critical part of power system design, more effectively. The simple steps will provide a valuable framework for less experienced engineers, while experienced power developers will learn how take a simpler and more efficient approach to dealing with EMI.


There is no charge to attend, but you must register in advance. If you are unable to attend, please do sign up anyway, and Vicor will send you details of how to access the recording of the presentation when it is available.



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