½-brick DC/DC converter outputs 336W

June 04, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
With 24DVC & 48VDC inputs, and designed for a single output, this DC/DC comes in open-frame or fully enclosed versions, with high power densities, strong thermal performance and lengthy MTBFs.

Powerstax' latest DC/DC converter products come in standard ½-brick format, for use in industrial, telecommunications and data networking systems. With power densities reaching 10.3 W/cm3 (169 W/inch³), these units provide output levels of 336W/21A and their low leakage inductance magnetics allow power efficiency figures of between 88% and 90%, depending on operating conditions.

The H0331 series' multi-layer single side PCB construction, with aluminium based sink-plate technology, facilitates rapid dissipation of heat. This significantly improves reliability - with an MTBF of 4.1 Mhrs resulting. Available in both open-frame and fully enclosed options, the series complies with IEC60950-1 and EN 61000 standards. An extensive operational temperature range, covering -50°C to 110°C, is supported.

Powerstax; www.powerstaxplc.com