“Desktop PCB factory” turns a design into a working circuit in 30 minutes

August 13, 2014 // By Lee Goldberg, EDN
What would you do if you could turn the schematic you sketched on the back of a napkin during your lunch break into a fully-assembled circuit before your afternoon coffee break?

What would you do if you could print a circuit which monitored your vital signs onto a flexible circuit board which could be easily sewn into your workout clothes? These, and many other "what-if?" scenarios may be answered by Squink, a $3000 "screen-to-machine" desktop electronics factory, after it completes its recently-launched crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.

From back-of-napkin sketch to operational PCB in an afternoon!

BotFactory, the team which created Squink, is based in Brooklyn, New York, the fashionably grungy appendix of Manhattan which birthed avant-tech startups like Adafruit Labs and MakerBot. The prototype they've built has already demonstrated how many of the same technologies commonly used in 3D printers can be adapted to print a circuit on a variety of materials, populate it with ICs and other components, and "solder" them in place with conductive adhesives.

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