“Power SO-8” package cuts PCB area for 60/100V bipolar transistors

February 18, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
A portfolio of automotive-qualified transistors offers DPAK-like thermal and electrical performance – on half the footprint

NXP has introduced the first bipolar transistors in the 5 x 6 x 1-mm low profile LFPAK56 (SOT669) SMD power plastic package. Six 60 V and 100 V low saturation transistors offer collector current of up to 3A (I C) and a peak collector current (I CM) of up to 8A. Power dissipation is 3W (Ptot) and low VCEsat values yield a thermal and electrical performance comparable to bipolar transistors in much larger power packages such as DPAK, on less than half the footprint.

The solid copper clip and collector tab design of the NXP LFPAK package is the basis for achieving this high power density, as it reduces the package’s electrical and thermal resistance significantly. The LFPAK also eliminates wire-bonding used in many DPAK types, enabling NXP to deliver higher mechanical ruggedness and reliability.


The new LFPAK56 bipolar transistors are AEC-Q101 qualified and suitable for a wide range of automotive applications in an ambient temperature of up to 175°C. Backlighting, motor drive and general power management applications are further areas of use for these low VCEsat transistors. The new bipolar transistor portfolio will be extended over the course of 2014 with double transistors in LFPAK56D and high current types with 6, 10 and 15A in LFPAK56.

Bipolar low VCEsat transistors in LFPAK56 are available immediately in high-volume production, including product types PHPT60603NY/PHPT60603PY, PHPT61003NY/PHPT61003PY, and PHPT61002NYC/PHPT61002PYC.

Double transistors in LFPAK56D and high current single types with 6, 10 and 15A will be released from Q2 2014 onward.

NXP’s low VCEsat transistors in LFPAK56: www.nxp.com/group/12466

Package information on LFPAK56 (SOT669): www.nxp.com/packages/SOT669.html

LFPAK bipolar transistor leaflet: http://www.nxp.com/documents/leaflet/75017518.pdf