“Secret-until-lit” illuminated switches

October 27, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Japanese maker NKK Switches’ YB2 half-mirrored push button switch family is available from distributor Foremost Electronics; the switches are suited to applications including machinery, medical devices, kitchen equipment, measurement instruments, equipment installed outdoors, (coin operated parking meters etc.) and equipment installed in stores (e.g. vending machines).

These aesthetically pleasing switches are a vapour deposition onto plastic design, providing the appearance and “feel” of stainless steel while being lightweight. The design eliminates any need for additional antistatic protection and offers enhanced durability protection from UV and other environmental conditions. The combination of a moulded flange and button produces a comfortable and pleasant tactile feel with no sensation to the user of metal parts chafing together.

A feature of the YB2 push button switch is the option of a film which can be mounted inside the switch and be used to display characters or symbols which are only visible when the switch is operated. This “secret until lit” feature brings an additional dimension to panel design which may be used for user information, operation prompts and alarm signals.

With a height above mounting panels of 1.8 mm, the YB2 push button switch is the slimmest design available with a panel seal mechanism waterproof to IP65 under IEC 60529, which greatly improves splash and dust resistance. The very low profile design reduces the incidence of accidental damage, improving reliability. Panel design is also simplified by the very small dimensions, just 24.5mm, of the switch body.

The standard YB2 half-mirrored push button switch is available in a round or square form with either single pole double throw (SPDT) or double pole double throw (DPDT) contacts and both types feature super-bright LED illumination in red, amber, green, white or blue. Lens and diffuser colour combinations include Clear/White, Metallic Silver Cap/Clear Ring (Round only), Red/White, Yellow/White, Green/White and Un-brushed Chrome/White.

Foremost Electronics; www.4most.co.uk