“Smart-lighting” manager energy-harvests daylight, with internet connections

January 22, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
ams’ AS721x Autonomous Daylighting Manager is positioned as the first integrated chip-scale Internet of Things (IoT)-connected smart lighting manager. This sensor-integrated smart lighting manager solutions delivers cost-effective, IoT-connected, integrated control capabilities to luminaire, light engine and replacement lamp manufacturers.

Photopic sensors built with nano-optic filters integrated into the AS721x series are designed to help lighting manufacturers address the growing challenges of energy-saving lighting mandates, including daylighting controls. These challenges are more cost-effectively met by bringing the controls, connectivity, such as Bluetooth, and high-granularity sensing into the luminaires themselves.

“The AS721X family of smart lighting silicon photonics sensor solutions create a natural Internet of Things (IoT) sensor hub within smart buildings, which results in [what ams terms] an “Internet of Awareness” through the convergence of IoT-connected lighting and sensor fusion,” ams says, adding, “The AS721X family, with Broadcom's connectivity from its WICED Smart Bluetooth and SmartBridge platform, delivers a secure, plug-and-play connection to the IoT for big data aggregation and the anticipated wave of machine learning.”

The AS721x family is ams’ first platform technology of integrated sensor solutions that provide system-level sensing and control capabilities, greatly reducing system costs and shortening time-to-market. The AS721x Autonomous Daylighting Manager senses the ambient daylight and enables the delivery of constant lux levels in the space by managing subtle adjustments as the amount of outside light varies. Integrating a sensor-based manager into each luminaire optimises the overall responsiveness and efficiency of the lighting system, maximising energy savings. The approach also delivers accurate lumen maintenance over time and temperature variations, and allows fully connected luminaire systems to respond to building- or space-level command and control strategies.

Competitive offerings in the space are, ams argues, essentially “build your own” devices requiring discrete components, including sensors, processors, memory, and I/O chips, that require design, integration and time-consuming programming of control and communications algorithms. The AS721x family delivers a fully integrated solution, providing users with a high level of integration at far lower cost and complexity than using discrete components.

Features include;

• 20-pin 2.1 x 2.3 mm chip-scale and 4.5 x 4.7 mm land grid array package options

• Photopic daylighting sensor for accurate ambient light sensing