“Virtual-lab” environment provides exemplars of advanced PCB design flows

January 28, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Mentor Graphics has secured the participation of a number of industry players who make leading-edge – especially, high-speed signalling – devices, to demonstrate the capabilities of its HyperLynx design environment for advanced and high-speed PCBs

The HyperLynx Alliance has been formed by Mentor Graphics and industry partners to provides free access to virtual reference designs plus tools, design data and identified best-practice methodologies for difficult SerDes and DDR design and verification challenges; companies involved from the outset are Altera, PMC-Sierra, Samtec, Inc. and eASIC.

Noting that new high-speed protocols are increasingly difficult to design and verify at multi-gigabit speeds, the Alliance cloud platform provides access to targeted vendor reference designs, tools and models, allowing engineers to evaluate and tradeoff device parameters using recommended verification methodologies and sample channel designs. Virtual labs [modules or sessions] include the complete HyperLynx design environment, partner IBIS-AMI electrical models, a reference design for test cases, and a step-by-step instruction guide. Each HyperLynx virtual lab can be completed in a few hours and is available as a future resource for users during real design and implementation stages.

The alliance uses the HyperLynx tool suite for high-speed design and verification, deployed on cloud-based virtual labs to accelerate time to productivity. The virtual lab series uses partner models and reference designs with the tool suite to demonstrate ideal design methodologies to address difficult high-speed printed circuit board (PCB) SerDes and DDR design challenges. The virtual labs reduce engineering time and costs associated with evaluation design tool requests and design case setup which could take days or weeks. The labs walk through a recommended design process, helping engineers formulate their own methodologies and enabling them to evaluate trade-offs to improve overall system performance.

Virtual labs include the complete HyperLynx design environment, partner IBIS-AMI and/or s-parameter electrical models, a reference design based test case, and a step-by-step instruction guide. Each virtual lab is free of charge to registered users and available 24/7. Altera HyperLynx Alliance virtual labs are available now: Virtual Labs from PMC-Sierra, Samtec and eASIC will be available in early 2015. Users can access any virtual lab via an HTML5 compliant browser.

Mentor Graphics; www.mentor.com/pcb/hyperlynx/hyperlynx-alliance