1, 2, 4; carrier board mounts & powers Raspberry Pi cluster

January 24, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor element14 is sourcing the BitScope Blade range, offering the ability to conveniently power and mount multiple Raspberry Pi computer boards.

BitScope Blades are designed for building scalable computing solutions ranging from stand-alone servers, routers and workstations up to full compute clusters, private clouds, networked physical computing and Industrial IoT systems.


Every Blade can be used with simple plug packs, 12V batteries, solar power systems, low cost uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and even passive power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions to up 48V. They may be used individually on the desktop, wall mounted or multiple Blades may be installed in racks for large scale deployment. Blades offer full access to Raspberry Pi I/O for displays, cameras, keyboards, expansion boards and peripherals including BitScopes, Raspberry Pi HATs and the Raspberry Pi 7 in. Touchscreen Display.


BitScope Blade is available in three versions based upon the number of Raspberry Pi boards mounted:

- BitScope Blade Uno mounts one Raspberry Pi computer and optional HAT and is typically used as a computing platform for makers, students and engineers.

- BitScope Blade Duo is a desktop, rack or wall mountable power and mounting solution for a pair of Raspberry Pi computers, for – for example – building a reliable stand-alone desktop & server system with the Raspberry Pi.

- BitScope Blade Quattro is a desktop, rack or wall mountable power and mounting solution for four Raspberry Pi computers, for creating compute clusters, private clouds or build farms with the Raspberry Pi.


Bruce Tulloch, CEO of BitScope Designs, said: “Our experience working with hundreds [of] industrial customers using BitScope with Raspberry Pi demonstrated the key problem most of them faced was finding a cost effective, reliable and scalable power and mounting solution for Raspberry Pi and its accessories. BitScope Blade is our solution, customised specifically to the needs of our industrial, commercial and educational customers.”


element 14 adds that, “the product has the potential to create a step-change in opportunities within the industrial sector, and facilitate a revolution in the use of single