10-kW high voltage power supply systems meet demands of ion and electron beam systems

February 06, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
HiTek Power has introduced the new OLH10K family of 10 kW high voltage power supply systems designed to meet the rigorous requirements of ion and electron beam systems, ion implantation and X-ray equipment.

The single output systems are mains powered and there are three different input voltage variants available to order:  the OLH10K (208 VAC), the OLH10KC (380 VAC) and the OLH10KE (400 VAC).  All provide a range of maximum output voltages from 60 kV to 300 kV and 10 kW output power.

The OLH10K is a modern, technologically advanced replacement for HiTek Power’s established Series OL10K, with numerous features being incorporated to ensure system integrity is maintained during adverse operating conditions, including thermal monitoring of critical components and continuous internal monitoring of demand, feedback and mains input voltages to ensure unit operation always remains within specification.  In addition the power supply system incorporates HiTek Power’s Arc Count & Extinguish (ACE) system for managing systems where arcing at the load is endemic.

The Series OLH10K systems consist of two units: a rack mounting power converter through which both local and remote controls can be facilitated, and a separate HV unit employing HiTek Power’s renowned modular disc construction.  

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