10-kW UPS offers low-cost back-up benefits

February 13, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
A fully integrated backup power system for office buildings, data centres and industrial UPS applications has been launched by UK company Pnu Power, with prices starting from less than £10 000.

The EPS10 (left) provides 10 kW of peak power and 100+ hours run time in a self-contained weatherproof box that can be located in extreme outdoor environments. It can be connected to critical loads via a single mains cable and several units can be run in parallel, for higher loads and/or redundancy.     

The unit uses the latest ultra-capacitor technology in place of conventional lead-acid batteries, to provide instant bridging power in the event of an outage and fast, reliable start-up of its integral diesel generator for extended run time.     

Visit Pnu Power at www.pnu-power.com