100 W conduction cooled fixed attenuator

April 18, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
This small and lightweight fixed attenuator is rated 100 W average power when mounted to the customer’s heat sink. Model series 351-250-XXX is a 50 Ohm, DC-1000 MHz, conduction cooled device featuring SMA female connectors.

Attenuation accuracy is ±0.5 dB maximum for 1-10 dB values, ±1 dB maximum for 11-20 dB values and ±1.5 dB maximum for 21-40 db values. VSWR is 1.35: maximum. Standard attenuation values (3, 6, 10 20, 30 and 40 dB) are typically available from stock.

Other configurations, connector types and frequency ranges are available. Please contact the factory with your requirement.