10Gb WAN emulator from Apposite and distributors

August 01, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Apposite Technologies has announced the Netropy 10G1 WAN emulator, adding a new, lower cost 10 Gbps model to its line of WAN emulation appliances.

The 10G1 Netropy WAN emulator simulates bandwidth, latency, packet loss and other critical network impairments to test the performance of applications in a test lab environment. This makes it possible for network managers, IT administrators and application developers to establish, within minutes, how applications will perform over a variety of real-world networks.

The 10G1 model is notable for ease-of-use and pricing. It will simulate WAN links of up to 10 Gbps, for testing cloud computing infrastructure, storage replication and synchronisation, media asset distribution, telepresence, and other applications that depend on high-speed networks.

In addition, the Netropy 10G1 can simulate up to 15 separate WAN links, with packets assigned to the various links by IP address range, VLAN, or any other packet identifier. This makes it possible to simulate ten 1 Gbps links or fifteen lower speed links, all within a single device.

The compact, 1U-sized 10G1 comes with one pair of 10 GbE ports for emulation, either SFP+ for fibre connectivity or RJ45 for use with standard copper cabling. The device can forward an aggregate of 20 Gbps of traffic at a rate of more than 29 million packets per second, making it suitable for testing any type of data, voice, or video application.

“In terms of 10Gb WAN emulation, no other product comes in at this price, with this functionality and these run rates. The introduction of the Netropy 10G1 to the Apposite range reflects the growing demand for 10Gb WAN emulation. As sole distributor of Apposite products in the UK, we have seen sales of 10Gb emulation tools increase by 300% over the last 12 months,” comments Paul Wilson of Open Reality. “Demand for 10Gb WAN emulation is fast catching up with that in the US. Organisations, especially those that are highly regulated, can’t run the risk of preventable network downtime. The Netropy 10G1 makes proactive network modeling an option for all businesses.”

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