$10k-value in components offered in Digi-Key/Silicon Labs IoT contest

March 26, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Winners in an Internet-of-Things-themed design contest will receive $10,000 in semiconductor components to help bring their IoT ideas to product reality

Silicon Labs and distributor Digi-Key are running an IoT design contest for developers who want to create connected “things” that will help, “make the world a smarter, more connected and energy friendly place”. Co-sponsored by the two companies, the “Your IoT Connected World” design contest is open to inventors of all skill levels, from professional embedded developers and seasoned makers to electronics enthusiasts.

The contest runs from now until through July 17, 2015, with three winners to be announced on August 3, 2015. Visitors to the www.YourIoTContest.com site will vote to decide on 15 finalists, and expert judges from Silicon Labs and Digi-Key will choose the three winners. Each winner will select the Silicon Labs components they need (microcontrollers, wireless chips, sensors, boards and more – valued up to $10,000 USD) to bring their prize-winning IoT ideas to market as commercially viable products.

“The silicon and software technology needed to make ‘your IoT’ a reality is available today, and it’s up to pioneering developers like you to create the next IoT innovations that will help save time and energy, enhance health and security, and improve the quality of life for people everywhere,” said Peter Vancorenland, vice president of engineering and IoT solutions at Silicon Labs . “This is your chance to bring your groundbreaking IoT ideas to market, enabled by Silicon Labs development tools and kickstarted by $10,000 in Silicon Labs components.”

“Whether designers are solving an existing problem or creating a totally new invention, ideas are limited only by the developer’s imagination,” said David Sandys, director of technical marketing for Digi-Key. “Winning IoT designs may include innovations like connected home devices, smart appliances, lighting control systems, wearable technology, security systems, wireless sensor networks and much more.”

The contest site is www.YourIoTContest.com. All IoT designs must contain a Silicon Labs microcontroller (MCU) product. Each contestant must submit photos or a brief video overview of their IoT product design.