11x15 mm high power “Cobra” micro speaker

April 30, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Knowles has launched a speaker that provides exceptional loudness based on a high power handling capacity and an proprietary silicone membrane

Knowles Sound Solutions' latest product aimed at acoustic applications in mobile devices, the Cobra speaker, is a miniature device with high power handling capacity and a silicone membrane enabling loudness and robustness in mobile sound designs. Knowles also introduced a version of the component for side-porting applications named the Cobra Side-fire speaker.

The Cobra speaker’s 1-W power handling capacity enables loudness in portable consumer devices, such as feature phones, smartphones, tablet computers and various handheld applications where high quality sound is required. With 94 dB maximum sound pressure level the transducer sets new standards for mobile phone speakers in the industry reference dimension of 11x15 mm, performing about 5 dB louder than conventional components in this footprint.

It uses silicone membrane with high excursion rates and superior robustness, for long component lifetime at high power settings and enables sound pressure levels at low frequencies resulting in excellent bass performance.

Cobra Side-fire speaker is a side-porting version of the speaker with a lateral sound outlet already integrated in the cover of the component. This pre-tested and integrated acoustic solution ports out of the side of the mobile device, enabling thinner application heights and a faster time to market for handset OEMs. Consumers benefit from no muffled sound when holding the phone in their hand or when it is lying on a table. The company says it has developed a robust product that has been optimised for the challenging acoustic requirements in the latest generation of portable multimedia devices.

Knowles Sound Solutions; www.knowles.com/