12 Raspberry Pi ‘Wireless Inventors Kits’ available to win

December 02, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturer Ciseco has launched the Raspberry Pi ‘Wireless Inventors Kit’ (RasWIK), featuring 88 pieces to provide everything a Pi owner needs to follow a series of step-by-step projects or to create their own wireless devices, without the need for configuration or even writing code.

RasWIK has been designed to be highly accessible, demystifying the art of wireless and enabling anyone with basic computing skills to begin building wireless devices with a Raspberry Pi. You can create anything from a simple traffic light, to a battery monitor, or even a temperature gauge that sends data to the Xively IoT cloud to provide widespread access to the data.

RasWIK components are plug-in and play, removing the need for any soldering. The kit includes a wireless module for the Pi, an SD card with starter software and a fully-configured pre-installed Pi operating system, a wireless Arduino-compatible development board and additional electronic components, including LEDs, a sounder and connectors.

Ciseco's radio technology and the Lightweight Local Application Protocol (LLAP) makes communicating with remote devices as easy as sending a text message or tweet.

Ciseco; http://shop.ciseco.co.uk/raswik/

EDN Europe's sister title eeNews Europe has 12 of these kits to win in a Reader Offer; details are here.