12-way RF MEMS ohmic switch targets LTE-A handsets

February 09, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
A SP12T switch made using DelfMEMS’ FreeFlex MEMS technology will, the company says, deliver the performances needed for next generation smartphone handsets

The developer of RF MEMS switching solutions will demonstrate what it believes to be the first twelve throw, RF MEMS ohmic contact switch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. Cybele Rolland, DelfMEMS CEO, explains, "Until now, companies have tended towards the capacitive switch solution route. We chose the harder route of contact or Ohmic switching because of the superior performance and have succeeded in creating the world's first, fully functional version... RF MEMS switches have been known for many years as outstanding potential solutions for mobile handset RF performance, but have so far failed to see any reasonable level of success either due to cost or reliability concerns. We have solved these issues with our FreeFlex MEMS technology."

The benefits of DelfMEMS RF-MEMS switching solution are being able to deliver the performance required for the next generation of handsets, LTE-A and beyond, with ultra-low insertion loss, outstanding isolation and superior linearity to enable full uplink carrier aggregation.

The early samples of the SP12T switch, which will be shown at MWC, have performance levels that are comparable to the current market leading solutions but for production devices the performance levels will be significantly higher, enabling the full potential of LTE-A, and beyond, data rates for both upload and download to finally be achieved.

DelfMEMS develops and manufactures radio frequency micro-electro-mechanical systems (RF MEMS) switches targeting next generation multi-standard, multi-mode, mobile telephony. Its solutions claim increased RF hardware integration and significantly improved RF performance over conventional switching. Features include ultra-low insertion loss, outstanding isolation and superior linearity.

DelfMEMS; www.delfmems.com