1200V IGBT gate driver eliminates opto-couplers

May 25, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Aimed at motor drives and inverter designs in the 90 kW-500 kW range, and presented as the smallest-available IGBT gate-driver in that space, Power Integrations recently introduced its 2SC0115T2A0-12 dual-channel gate-driver core.

The driver employs PI’s SCALE-2+ integrated circuit and isolated transformer technology for DC/DC power and switching signal transmission; this driver core improves system reliability and performance by eliminating the need for an opto-coupler. The driver core’s reinforced electrical isolation targets systems with a working voltage of 900V, which PI says is typical for 1200V IGBT modules and complies with the PD2 and OV II requirements of IEC 60664-1 and IEC 61800-5-1. The 2SC0115TA0-12 gate-driver core supports modules up to 2400A and switching frequencies of up to 50kHz. It can, in effect – PI adds – drive any current, at any frequency, that is in use in its target market space, including driving silicon-carbide switches.

A PI spokesman commented that increased precision in control of high-end,faster drives will permit more cost-effective designs, “[engineers] build in too much safety margin.”

With a footprint of 53.2 x 31 mm and a profile of 13 mm the 2SC0115TA0-12 gate-driver core is the most compact industrial unit of its type available. The integrated SCALE-2+ chipset uses approximately 85% fewer components than competing products and includes short-circuit protection by Vce-sat monitoring and independent supply-voltage monitoring from both the primary and secondary side. The gate-driver core includes Soft Shut Down (SSD) protection for applications with low stray-inductance. For more demanding environments the 2SC0115TA0-12 supports full Advanced Active Clamping (AAC) to control the IGBT voltage overshoot during turn-off.

Each of the two output channels is electrically isolated from the primary side and the other secondary channel. An output current of ±15 A and 1.2W drive power is available per channel with a gate voltage swing of +15V to -6V. The turn-on voltage is regulated to maintain a stable 15V regardless of the output power level. Use of a ring-core transformer design provides long-term stability

Power Integrations; www.power.com/products/2SC0115T