1200V power module has converter/inverter/brake integration

January 18, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
Vincotech has applied its flowIPM 1C construction to build a deeply integrated Intelligent Power Module for 1200V applications, claiming the greatest level of integration of any power module available, to drive down systems' cost and speed up assembly.

The flowIPM 1C, based on a CIB topology (converter + inverter + brake), features three inverter gate drives, including a bootstrap circuit for high-side power supply. Each leg of the inverter provides current-limiting for circuit protection. Its current rating is 14A at 80°C or 30A at 25°C, in both cases for heat sink temperature. The deeply integrated module enables manufacturers to cut their overall system's size, cost, and time to market. It also features a brake chopper with integrated gate drive as well as emitter shunts (30 m‎Ω) for improved motion control.

Vincotech; www.vincotech.com/IPM-1C and www.vincotech.com/products/by-topologies.html