12W LED module operates directly from 230 VAC

April 13, 2015 // By Julien Happich
FuturoLighting has designed what the company calls a smart AC LED module operating directly from the 230 VAC network. The module integrates an AC driver with a power factor correction above 0.97 supporting ON/OFF switching with dimming and a stand-by consumption under 0.5 W.

The module was designed in several versions covering basic, triac dimmable, analogue dimmable and smart functions. The 100x100x25mm smart unit integrates an AC driver together with a movement sensor which triggers an adjustable delay upon user detection (say in a corridor), with a stand-by level adjustable from 0 to 80% through a programming interface. This corridor mode enables a visually smooth dimming transition when switching the module ON and OFF. The smart module also features a light sensor to distinguish between daytime and night time, with an adjustable threshold.

The smart AC LED module can be populated with LEDs from various brands, such as Osram Duris E5, Samsung LM561, LiteON 5630, LG and other mid power LEDs with a similar foot print.

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