14-bit, 3-Gsps RF sampling ADC – at $2.5k each

May 19, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Texas instruments has what it presents as the highest-available performance RF sampling analogue-to-digital converter, with greatest dynamic range, widest bandwidth and fastest conversion at 14-bits.

The ADC32RF45, claimed as the industry’s fastest 14-bit analogue-to-digital converter, is a dual-channel device accepting direct RF signal for conversion at up to 4 GHz, giving engineers access to the highest dynamic range and input bandwidth. The first in a new data converter family in TI’s RF sampling portfolio, the ADC32RF45 eliminates up to four intermediate-frequency down-conversion stages in multiband receivers, which simplifies system architecture and reduces board space.


Direct RF sampling meets engineers’ requirements for higher integration, better noise performance, wider bandwidth and smaller footprints in radar, software-defined radio, aerospace and defence, test and measurement, wireless communication, and radio astronomy systems.


The converter has support for RF inputs up to 4 GHz and enables direct RF signal conversion in the first, second and third Nyquist zones (including all L- and S-band frequency ranges). This reduces filter complexity, saves board space and decreases component count.

It detects even the weakest signals with noise-spectral density of -155 dBFS/Hz, 5 dB better than competitive devices. It offers signal-to-noise ratio of 58.5 dB at a 1.8-GHz input frequency.

It is claimed as the fastest 14-bit ADC with a 3-Gsample/sec maximum sample rate that delivers an instantaneous 1.5-GHz-per-channel bandwidth, enabling engineers to implement wideband in-phase and quadrature-component receivers beyond 2.5 GHz.

The multiband digital downconverter extracts one or two sub-bands per channel, a dramatic digital interface data throughput reduction by up to 92%, saving system size, power and processing resources.


An evaluation board, the ADC32RF45EVM is priced at $2,499 and an accompanying TSW14J56EVM data-capture card is available for $1,249. Additional support includes TI Designs reference designs and application notes.


TI offers a complete analogue signal chain around the converter, using the ADC32RF45 with TI’s LMH3404 7-GHz dual-channel fully differential amplifier, which supports bandwidths from DC to 1.5 GHz; the LMX2592 9.8-GHz wideband frequency synthesizer; and the LMK04828 JESD204B-compliant clock-jitter cleaner. In addition, the 66AK2L06 processor offers a system-optimized alternative to