14-bit digitizer with 10 GS/sec sampling rate

February 01, 2017 // By Graham Prophet
SP Devices (Linköping, Sweden), an e2v company, has introduced the ADQ7, which it presents as the first digitizer to offer an unrivalled combination of 14-bits vertical resolution and a sampling rate of up to 10 Gsamples/sec

A successor to the ADQ14 digitizer, the ADQ7 has been optimised to provide a higher sampling rate, larger Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), increased memory and data transfer rate and a higher bandwidth analogue front-end. The ADQ7’s combination of high bandwidth and high dynamic range suits it for applications such as LIght Detection And Ranging (LIDAR), radar, mass spectrometry, radio frequency sampling and recording and Automated Test Equipment (ATE).


The ADQ7 hosts a Xilinx Ultrascale XCKU060 FPGA which is made available to the user through a firmware development kit. In addition, to help shorten design time, there are a number of optional stand-alone firmware packages containing application specific, real time signal processing functions.

The ADQ7 will be available in a range of form factors including MTCA.4, USB3, PCIe, PXIe, and 10 Gbit Ethernet and it supports sustained data transfer rates of up to 5 GB/sec. A software development kit is included and supports multiple languages including C++, C#, Matlab, Python, LabVIEW. The board can be operated under both Windows and Linux.


SP Devices; www.spdevices.com/adq7