140x70x35mm vision sensor with high-power LED illumination

September 12, 2012 // By Julien Happich
The Smart Inspect vision sensor from EVT comes in a 140x70x35mm housing that contains not only an intelligent camera and a high-output, high-power LED illumination, but also the evaluation software.

The integrated EyeVision image processing software is programmed quite easily with the drag-and-drop function of the graphical user interface. Therefore inspection programs can be created fast and even without programming skills.

The illumination positioned at an angle allows even difficult surfaces to be examined reliably. The Smart Inspect executes all image processing routines without an external PC and even outperforms conventional vision sensors. Hence, the vision system enables automation applications where conventional, PC-based image processing systems are too expensive or too complex to implement.

Additionally, the sensor has 32MB of Flash and 128MB of DDRAM for program and data storage. It integrates a 700MHz processor delivering 5,600 MIPS of computing power. The sensor comes with an Ethernet interface for live video output on a PC and optionally with an RS232 interface. The images are recorded by a global shutter CMOS sensor whose performance equals that of a CCD sensor, providing clear, high-resolution pictures even in extremely fast applications.

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