1.5-V clock ICs support PCIe timing functions with SoC designs

October 13, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has expanded its system-on-chip (SoC)-friendly PCI Express (PCIe) timing family with 1.5 V clock generators and clock multiplexers. The chips offer up to a 90% reduction in power and board space compared to standard 3.3 V current-mode HCSL devices.

These devices use under 30 mW, which can virtually eliminating certain thermal concerns. The 9FGU clock generator family delivers two, four, six or eight outputs and is offered with and without internal terminations, giving the designer a choice of a flexible termination, or minimal board space with integrated terminations, for 100Ω transmission lines. All devices are pin-compatible with IDT's 1.8 V 9FGV PCIe G123 clock generator family.

The 1.5V 9DMU and pin-compatible 1.8V 9DMV clock multiplexers are two-input devices with either one or four outputs. These clock multiplexers are offered with a choice of external terminations or integrated 100Ω terminations, and feature a choice of switchover modes. The user can choose between asynchronous switching or synchronous switching modes.

The entire family supports PCIe Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 (Gen 1-2-3) phase jitter requirements. The chips can be used in are ideal for use in DSLR cameras, multi-function printers, solid state drives, vehicle infotainment systems, servers, micro-servers, set-top boxes, PCIe-based storage arrays, and a wide variety of PCIe-based applications.

IDT; www.IDT.com