15 Watt Qi-compliant wireless charging system from Freescale

December 09, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Enabling faster charging than conventional USB and other wired technologies, and supporting rapid recharging for tablets, handheld medical devices and other larger devices, Freescale Semiconductor has extended its wireless charging with what it claims as the first 15 W Qi-compliant wireless charging solution.

The 15-W wireless offering provides efficient charging of larger form factor devices with higher capacity batteries, while enabling faster charging of smaller form factor devices by delivering higher power. Freescale's new 15 W portfolio includes transmit and receive ICs with associated technologies needed for wireless charging systems. The solution supports several major industry standards, including the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA).

This chipset comprises two 15W ICs: the WPR1516 receiver chip and accompanying MWCT1012 transmitter chip, which come with firmware libraries that provide the core functionality required to implement state-of-the-art wireless charging systems. The solution also includes an application programming interface that can be used to modify or adjust library functionality, allowing for the addition of custom application code and a highly tailored and differentiated end-product.

There is a production-ready reference design, and evaluation boards. To support the WPR1516 receiver IC, Freescale provides two evaluation board options for different output power topologies, WPR1500-LDO and WPR1500-BUCK. The MWCT1012 transmit controller IC is supported with the WCT-15W1COILTX reference design.

The 15 W wireless charging solution is planned for availability in Q1 2015.

Freescale; www.freescale.com/wirelesscharging