16-bit, 200 Msps ADCs claim lowest power levels

November 18, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
A series of high-speed A/D converters from Microchip provide low power and high integration of processing functions in 124-lead VTLA packages: the company says it has “entered the market of high-performance, high-speed A/D converters while leaping past existing solutions with industry-leading low-power performance.”

The MCP37DX1-200 and MCP372X1-200 families are 12-, 14- and 16-bit pipelined A/D converters with a maximum sampling rate of 200 Msamples/sec. The 14- and 16-bit devices feature over 74 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and over 90 dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR), while the 12-bit devices have 71.3 dB SNR and 90 dB SFDR. This enables high-precision measurements of fast input signals. These families operate at very low-power consumption of 490 mW at 200 Msample/sec including LVDS digital I/O. Lower power-saving modes are available at 80 mW for standby and 33 mW for shutdown.

The MCP37DX1-200 and MCP372X1-200 include various digital processing features that simplify system design, cost and power usage. They also include decimation filters for improved SNR, individual phase, offset and gain adjustment and a fractional delay recovery for time-delay corrections in multi-channel modes. Data is available through the serial DDR LVDS or parallel CMOS interface and configured via SPI. An integrated digital down-converter is included in the MCP37DX1-200 family suiting it for communications applications. The 12-bit families include an integrated noise-shaping requantiser, which enables users to lower the noise within a given band of interest for improved accuracy and performance. These families are targeted for applications in the communications markets such as base stations, test equipment, and IF receivers, among others.

The MCP37DX1-200 and MCP372X1-200 are supported by Microchip's MCP37XXX-200 16-bit VTLA Evaluation Board at $399.00, the MCP37XXX-200 12-bit VTLA Evaluation Board at , $399.00 and the MCP37XXX-200 Data Capture Card for $599.00.

The MCP37DX1-200 and MCP372X1-200 families are available at prices ranging from $29.58 to $96.07 (5000).

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