16-bit flash MCU drives 352 segment display

September 24, 2015 // By Julien Happich
Seiko Epson has released samples of its S1C17W18, a 16-bit flash microcontroller at 1.2V and capable of driving 352 segment displays by achieving 40% less current consumption in operating mode than the company's previous offering.

Delivered in a SQFN9-64 pin package, the device can operate on a small, low-capacity button battery and can be connected to a variety of sensors making it suitable for mobile applications. Target applications include high-performance watches, remote controls, healthcare devices, security tokens or any other small portable electronic devices.

The S1C17W18 draws just 150µA/MHz in RUN mode, with a 0.15µA current consumption in SLEEP mode. This low current consumption was achieved through the development of a new flash memory that can be rewritten on a single 3V power supply, with 1.000 guaranteed rewrite cycles.

Built-in oscillator circuits can output seven different frequencies, eliminating the need for external oscillators which reduces total part counts and costs and saving board space.

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