1A, 45-MHz op amp drives industrial loads

March 31, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Analog Devices has posted pre-release information on the forthcoming ADA4870, a unity-gain stable, high-speed current feedback amplifier capable of delivering 1A of continuous output current from a 40V supply.

Manufactured on ADI’s proprietary high voltage XFCB process, the architecture of the ADA4870 enables high performance signal processing solutions in a variety of demanding applications. You can use it for driving the gate of high voltage Power FETs, Piezo transducers, PIN diodes, CCD panels and a variety of other applications that require wide dynamic range from high supply voltage and high current output.

The ADA4870 will come in a Power SOIC package (PSOP), featuring an exposed thermal slug that provides high thermal conductivity enabling efficient heat transfer for improved reliability in demanding environments . The ADA4870 operates over the industrial temperature range (−40°C to +85°C) at maximum performance when appropriate thermal management techniques are applied.

Use it in;

Basestation Envelope Tracking

Power FET driver


Piezo Driver

Waveform Generation


CCD Panel Driver

Features include;

Ideal for driving high capacitive or heavy resistive loads

Wide supply range: 10 to 40V

High output current drive: 1A

Wide output voltage swing: 37V swing with 40V supply

Large signal −3dB BW: 45 MHz (VOUT = 20 Vp-p, 300 pF load)

High slew rate: 2500 V/μs (peak)

Low Noise: 3 nV/√Hz

Supply current: 34 mA

Power down (800 μA)

Short-circuit current protection

Current limit: 1.2 A

Thermal overload protection & flag

Analog Devices; www.analog.com/en/high-speed-op-amps/high-output-current-amplifiers/ada4870/products/product.html