1U rack mounted power supply offers up to 3600-W output

July 04, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
The A3600 series of power supplies from Powerstax offers system builders a convenient and compact power source for applications including communications, industrial, instrumentation and test and measurement.

Offering up to 3600 watts of output power in a 1U high and 350mm deep 19 inch rack mount package the Powerstax A3600 can provide single and very flexible multiple output solutions.

All outputs are isolated and may be connected in series or parallel to provide many thousands of possible output configurations or up to 36 individually adjustable single outputs. Input voltage range is nominal 115 VAC or 230 VAC

The design and topology of the Powerstax A3600 makes it possible to individually adjust, enable, parallel or stack the outputs to provide literally thousands of power solutions and allows rapid mainstream production turnaround of CE marked configured units in a matter of weeks.

Standard features of the Powerstax A3600 include 1 to 36 isolated outputs with full user configurability, 1.5 V to 58 VDC standard output voltages, up to 3600 W of output power, fully floating outputs providing series and parallel output capability, zero load operation, bias supply voltage 5 V @ 250 mA, Class B conducted emissions, designed for EN61000-3-2 compliance, universal input, individual control signals and operating temperature range of 0 to +50ºC

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