1W LED “Cube” package provides wide-angle illumination expressly for lighting

October 28, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Luminus’ XNOVA Cube is a 1W SMD LED with extremely wide emission angle for illumination applications, in contrast – says its maker – to many devices currently on the market which were primarily designed for backlighting use.

You can use fewer leds, improve uniformity and reduce system cost while retaining optimum quality of light with CRI factors fof 80 or 90, Luminus says. XNOVA Cube is a 1W SMD LED with a 170 degree emission angle (see chart), which provides designers with the ability to improve system efficacy, reduce cost, and simplify omnidirectional products.

Unlike some traditional mid-power LEDs, which were originally designed for LCD backlighting, the XNOVA cube is engineered specifically for illumination applications with high quality of light requirements, has the widest viewing angle, emits more light than any midpower LED, and delivers it from 1.9 by 1.9mm package. Typical efficacy is 120 LPW; the LEDs offer a wide colour selection of 2700K-5000K; and are powered by a 6V input.

The company says you can reduce LED count by as much as 30% and at the same time cut power consumption by 10%, which enables further cost reductions in drivers, thermal systems, and optical components.

Luminus Devices; www.luminus.com/products/xnova