2015 ACE Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Linear Technology founders

July 24, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
In the 2015 ACE Awards – a programme of UBM Canon, proprietors of EDN and EE Times – the Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented to Linear Technology co-founders Bob Swanson and Bob Dobkin.

“Bob Swanson and Bob Dobkin are unique as individuals in their decades-deep contributions to integrated electronics, as well as their longevity in Silicon Valley,” said Steve Taranovich, Senior Technical Editor for EDN. “The talents and experiences of these two leaders, in my estimation, have brought about a corporate culture unlike most of the companies in the electronics business today. This culture encourages innovation and strongly values and recognises the company’s engineering talent so that when a good idea emerges, management recognises it and ‘gets out of the way’ to allow the engineer to bring it to fruition.”

Steve Taranovich continued, “They are also exceptional as a team because of their unprecedented continuity of management at a semiconductor company, as well as their refreshing style of management, amplifying Linear Technology's engineering talent. For these reasons and many more, EE Times and EDN chose to honour Bob Swanson and Bob Dobkin with the 2015 ACE Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Bob Swanson and Bob Dobkin founded Linear Technology in September 1981. Bob Swanson, Executive Chairman of Linear Technology, previously served as CEO and President, and has been a director of the company since its founding. Bob Dobkin is Chief Technical Officer of Linear Technology. He holds over 100 patents pertaining to linear integrated circuits, has authored over 50 articles and papers, and is co-editor of the Analog Circuit Design book series published by Elsevier.

A panel of EDN and EE Times editors, as well as independent judges chose the finalists and winners.

Linear Technology; www.linear.com

Read a longer interview with Bob Swanson and Bob Dobkin, by EDN’s Steve Taranovich, here.