20Mpixel CMOS image sensor comes in a 35mm film optical format

June 28, 2012 // By Julien Happich
CMOSIS has launched a 20-Megapixel image sensor, the CMV20000, featuring a 20 Megapixel (5,120 x 3,840) resolution with 6.4um sized square pixels resulting in an active sensor area of 32.8x24.6mm (35mm film optical format).

Peak quantum efficiency reaches up to more than 45 percent resulting in a superb responsivity of 8.29 V/lux.s in combination with an excellent dynamic range of 66 dB. By means of correlated double sampling in global shutter mode, the patented 8-transistor pixel cell architecture reduces any dark noise and FPN non-uniformity of the sensor matrix. The sensor also offers an excellent shutter efficiency, a common feature of the CMV image sensor family.
At full 20 Megapixel resolution and with a 12-bit ADC resolution the CMV20000 delivers 30 full frames per second. This is achieved by using 16 LVDS outputs running at 480 Mbit/s each. Lower frame rates can be supported by multiplexing to 8 output channels only. Partial read out, windowing and subsamples modes, can be programmed to support higher frame rates. At full resolution and frame rate, the power dissipation is 1.1W. This power consumption can be dynamically controlled when lower frame rates are used. Driving and programming the on-chip features such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) modes, offset and gain programming and power dissipation control is done over a 3-wire read-write SPI control.
The monochrome variant of the CMV20000 image sensor is in production today. A color variant, with RGB Bayer CFA filter, will be introduced to the market in Q4 2012. It is housed in a ceramic 143-pin PGA package and can be operated in the -20 to +70ºC temperature range. This extended temperature range makes the CMV20000 well suited for most demanding and robust industrial applications.

Visit CMOSIS at www.cmosis.com