20W smart DC driver for LED modules

March 16, 2015 // By Julien Happich
FuturoLighting's Smart DC LED module connects the most recent LED technology together with a smart DC driver offering a ready-made solution for fixture producers, researchers, and hobbyists. The module is populated on metal core PCB, implementing LEDs and high an efficiency driver with thermal foldback and dimming.

The 145x43x4.1mm unit operates at high efficiency above 94% and accepts input voltages up to 60 VDC. Connection of the modules to a power supply and control is realized by three marked solder terminals.

Several modules can be designed in parallel and connected to a central or individual constant voltage power supply (48VDC) to form a lighting fixture. The thermal fold back module prevents overheating and enhances lifetime (thermally safe even without a heat sink).

Once the module temperature is higher than a set temperature (Tset), the driver decreases the current flowing to the LEDs thus reducing power consumption and keeping temperature constant.

Luminous flux as well as module consumption can be controlled by a dimming signal, either through a fast PWM (0-5 V, from an MCU) or using an analogue 1-10V input. The smart LED module comes assembled with Cree XT-E LEDs delivering over 2300 lm but could be delivered with other LED brands. It is compatible with optics from Ledil, Carclo, and other producers.

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