230ºC, sealed-case tantalum capacitors now rated for 10,000 hours

March 04, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Designers for whom long service life in harsh environments is a concern are the target of an announcement by AVX; its THH 230ºC hermetic series high temperature SMD tantalum capacitors now have a quoted lifetime of 10,000 hours at 200ºC and 50% derating.

Available in two large case sizes (9/CTC-21D and I) that provide high capacitance values spanning 22 µF to 100 µF, THH series capacitors claim the highest temperature ratings of any SMD tantalum capacitor series available: -55ºC to +230ºC for 9/CTC-21D case components and -55ºC to +215ºC for I case components. Encased in hermetically sealed ceramic packages, THH series capacitors also exhibit superior stability when exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, and ambient atmosphere, and are impervious to the capacitance drop common to high temperature operation, enabling significant size reductions, lower component counts, and reliability improvements in extremely high temperature applications, such as down-hole oil instrumentation.

THH series capacitors also exhibit high volumetric efficiency and low leakage current (0.01CV), and are manufactured and screened using AVX’s Q-Process, which ensures the removal of any components that may experience parametric shifts through customer processing or that display instability through life testing. THH series capacitors exhibit an FIT rate of 1% per 1,000 hours at 85ºC and rated voltage with 0.1 Ω/V series impedance.

“The high temperature capabilities and excellent volumetric efficiency of THH 230ºC hermetic series capacitors provide engineers with higher capacitance in a smaller package than many comparable components, which significantly extends the design flexibility of circuits in a wide variety of very high temperature applications,” said Allen Mayar, Product Marketing Manager at AVX. “Moreover, in addition to the newly extended 10,000-hour lifespan available on selected codes at 200ºC and 50% derating, which extends the range of high-reliability applications for which the series is ideal, these capacitors provide engineers with outstanding mechanical robustness and performance — proven with extensive mechanical shock, vibration, operating life, and moisture resistance testing — that far surpasses what comparable capacitors moulded in standard epoxy resin can provide.”

THH 230ºC hermetic series capacitors rated for 47 µF/63V and 100 µF/35V are currently available in 9/CTC-21D cases with gold-plated undertab, gold plated L-shape J-lead, and nickel-plated J-flex J-lead terminations.