24-bit 2 Msps SAR ADC with 145 dB dynamic range

November 03, 2015 // By André Rousselot
LTC2380-24 is a no-latency 24-bit 2 Msample/sec successive approximation register (SAR) analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) that features an integrated digital filter that averages 1 to 65,536 conversion results real time, improving the dynamic range from 101 dB at 1.5 Msps to 145 dB at an output data rate of 30.5 sps. This suits the LTC2380-24 for seismic, medical and many other applications demanding high dynamic range.

Using an on-chip digital filter to average conversion results, the LTC2380-24 eliminates the processing burden from the digital host, conserving digital resources and the associated power. It allows results to be read out with a serial clock as low as 2 MHz, easing interfacing to microprocessors, enabling use with slower devices. The LTC2380-24 achieves true 24-bit noise performance and features high DC accuracy with a maximum INL of ±3.5 ppm while dissipating 28 mW from a single 2.5V supply.

The LTC2380-24 is available in MSOP-16 and 4 × 3 mm DFN-16 packages, priced starting at $31.95 (1,000). It is drop-in compatible with the LTC2378-20 family of 1 Msps 0.5 ppm INL no-latency SAR ADCs, allowing system upgrades to 24 bits.


Linear Technology; www.linear.com/product/LTC2380-24