2.4kW industrial programmable power supply occupies 2U profile

July 23, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Built as a module in a convenient package for OEM system integration, TDK-Lambda's EVA2400 2.4kW, 2U industrial programmable power supplies, operate in either constant current or constant voltage modes and accept a 170-265Vac (47~63Hz) single phase input.

The package size of 250 x 86 x 445mm, weight of under 7.5 kg and internal cooling fans mean that the EVA2400 offers flexibility for mounting orientation and location within an OEM system. Typical applications include industrial, Li-ion and other intelligent battery charging systems, water purification, X-ray scanners, test and measurement, ATE, semiconductor burn-in and component test.

Models in the EVA series are available with output voltage ratings of 15-150, 30-300 and 60-600V with corresponding output current adjust ranges of 0-16, 0-8 and 0-4A to achieve the 2.4 kW output power. Up to four units can be operated in parallel (in master / slave mode) to increase total output power.

The EVA2400 achieves efficiency of, typically, 88% at full load for a programmable power supply, which not only minimises the generation of unwanted heat but also reduces wasted power. In addition, variable fan speed control (ambient temperature and load dependant) helps extend fan life and reduces audible noise at room temperature.

All EVA2400 models can be programmed via the built-in RS232/485 and analogue interfaces, and a PC based GUI is included. On the rear panel there are three green LEDs that light respectively to indicate when operating in CV (constant voltage) or CC (constant current) mode, and output ON. A fourth alarm LED blinks red in case of a fault condition, such as OVP, OTP, output OFF and AC Fail. The over voltage trip point can be preset (10%~110% rated output) via the communication port, as can the output under voltage limit to prevent adjustment of the Vout below the limit.

CE marked for EMC and in accordance with the LV Directive and RoHS Directive, the TDK-Lambda EVA2400 conforms to EN55022-A, FCC part-15-A and VCCI-A for conducted and radiated emissions and IEC61000-4-2/-3/-4/-5/-6/-8/-11 for immunity. Safety approvals include UL/EN/IEC60950-1 Edition 2.

TDK-Lambda; www.uk.tdk-lambda.com/eva