25A PoL buck controller down to 0.6V

May 02, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Diodes Inc. has developed a single-phase synchronous buck PWM controller series for applications such as high-current desktop PCs. Producing a continuous current of 25A, the AP3585 devices help simplify the design of distributed power architectures serving memory arrays and graphics processing units.

In the compact and thermally efficient SO-8 and SO-8EP packages, the AP3585 series provides single feedback loop voltage-mode control, and operates from a supply of between 4.5V to 13.2V, delivering a high-quality output from as low as 0.6V up to 80% V IN.

The integration of a 10 MHz error amplifier with a 6 V/µsec slew rate means the buck controllers exhibit a high converter bandwidth and a fast transient response. The devices’ fixed oscillator frequency of either 200 kHz or 300 kHz, ensures an optimal level of integration, helping to reduce the size and cost of power supplies.

With its built-in 12V+12V bootstrapped MOSFET driver and companion bootstrap diode, the AP3585 is able to achieve greater than 90% efficient power conversion while simplifying circuit design and minimising the external part count.

To reflect the buck controllers’ high current operation, its fault protection features comprise: lossless programmable overcurrent protection, under and over voltage protection, soft-start and thermal shutdown circuits.

The AP3585 buck controllers cost $0.25 (5000).

Diodes; www.diodes.com