3-cm round touchscreen for wearable and industrial designs

July 08, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Custom and semi-custom display specialist and distributor andersDX has a new round TFT touch screens aimed specifically at the growing market for wearable electronics, especially in the healthcare and fitness sectors.

Manufactured by Guangdong based display module specialist Truly Semiconductor , the round modules are also an attractive option in a number of industrial applications. Mike Logan, Display and Input Technology Manager of andersDX comments, “A standard module is available, but the key point here is that we can work with customers to create the display they actually need. Wearables are by definition a highly style conscious market, and with affordable NRE and tooling cost structures most customers will be able to specify the exact size they want rather than compromise with an off-the-shelf standard product.”

andersDX can offer bespoke round touch screens; the standard module has an overall diameter of 37.79 mm, and an active area of 30.96 mm diameter. The round display can be driven from a 4.6V supply and operates at temperatures of -10 to +60C. The LED backlight runs from a 2.9V power supply.

andersDX has been UK and Ireland distributor for Truly Semiconductor for 5 years. Truly is a $3bn display specialist company with its own 850 k-sq. meter manufacturing facility in Shanwei city, Guangdong Province. It is the biggest, small and medium size display module manufacturer in China employing around 10000 people. Truly has LCD and OLED production lines which cover TN, STN, TFT, OLED, EPD and 3D display products. It has just announced a new 450 k- sq. meter facility to be manufacturing by late 2016 in Huizhou City, also Guangdong province, all but doubling current capacity.

AndersDX; www.andersdx.com/blog/circular-tft.aspx