3-level mixed-voltage NPC module for solar and UPS

September 13, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Vincotech, supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has a new mixed-voltage NPC (MNPC) module equipped with high-speed IGBTs and ultrafast diodes. flowMNPC 2 modules are engineered specifically for three-phase solar and UPS applications up to around 75 kW requiring highly efficient, high-frequency performance.

This efficient power module integrates all three phases of Mixed-voltage Neutral Point Clamped inverter topology into the low-inductive 12-mm flow 2 housing. This MNPC topology with a split output eliminates cross-conduction and reduces gate control levels.

Rated for 1200V / 160A, the flowMNPC 2 uses mixed-voltage NPC topology to provide a high switching frequency as well as efficiency ranging up to 98.7%.

flowMNPC 2 power modules are available in the 12-mm flow 2 housing with standard solder pins. Press-fit pins are available on demand.

Vincotech; www.vincotech.com/en/products/power/products-by-topology.php