30-A fully-encapsulated DC/DC power module delivers 100-W from a 17-mm square PCB footprint

December 05, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Intersil Corporation has unveiled what the company claims is the industry’s first 30 A fully-encapsulated power module. The ISL8225M features the industry’s highest power density and simplifies the design of high-performance board-mounted power solutions.

The ISL8225M can deliver up to 100 W output power from a small 17mm square PCB footprint. The two 15 A outputs may be used independently or combined to deliver a single 30 A output. Current sharing and phase interleaving allow up to six modules to be paralleled for 180 A output capability. Excellent efficiency and low thermal resistance permit full power operation without heat sinks or fans.

Intersil claims that designing a high-performance board-mounted power supply has never been simpler - only a few external components are needed to create a dense and reliable power solution. And the QFN package with external leads permits easy probing and visual solder inspection.

Availability and Pricing

The ISL8225M is currently available in a 17 mm x 17 mm QFN package with prices starting at $48.85 each in 500-unit quantities.

More Information about the ISL8225M power module at

Video: www.intersil.com/ISL8225MThermal